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Racist Anti-Choice Billboard Campaigns Spreading Throughout US

The billboards in Los Angeles read, in both Spanish and English, “The Most Dangerous Place for a Latino is in the Womb.” Samhita at Feministing said that by targeting Latina women in this way, the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles … Continue reading

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New International Treaty Will Protect Domestic Workers

On June 16th The International Labor Organization (ILO) adopted the Convention on Domestic Workers, a treaty which will guarantee the labor rights of domestic workers around the globe. “Domestic workers” includes any workers who work in or for a household … Continue reading

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AIDS Infection Risk for Women Lowered by Gel

Researchers found that after a woman has used a microbiocide gel containing 1% tenofovir 12 hours before sexual intercourse and up to 12 hours after sexual intercourse for a year, her risk of contracting HIV was half that of a … Continue reading

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NY Act Would Help Jailed Domestic Violence Survivors

The Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act (DVSJA) proposed by New York State Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson and Assemblyman Jeffrion Aubry, if passed, would “allow [New York] courts to take DV into consideration when determining sentencing; authorize judges to sentence survivors to … Continue reading

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What We’re Reading: Marriage Equality

WLP staffers have noticed many recent news stories covering the fight for marriage equality in the US and around the globe. Due to the volume of news on this topic, it is impossible for us to write a blog post on … Continue reading

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Cyberstalking: A Growing Problem

We have written before about cyberstalking, the disturbing use of technology by stalkers. WeNews reports that “stories like these [involving cyberstalking] are becoming more common.” While cyberstalking affects both women and men, women are disproportionately targets. According to a National … Continue reading

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What We’re Reading: Title IX

Title IX, a law which requires gender equity for boys and girls in every educational program that receives federal funding passed 39 years ago. However its promise has not been completely  fulfilled, even four decades later.  Here are some of … Continue reading

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