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Houston Elects Openly Gay Female Mayor

Here’s another cause for celebration during the holiday season: the voters of Houston, TX, have elected Annise Parker mayor. Ms. Parker is a lesbian, making Houston the largest city in the United States headed by an openly gay person. She … Continue reading

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G20 Protesters Claim Police Officers Sexually Assaulted and Harassed Them

Reports are emerging that a number of individuals who were arrested for protesting the G20 in Pittsburgh on Sept. 25 were sexually harassed and even assaulted by police officers. Although none of these individuals were actually charged, some report that … Continue reading

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Remembering the Massacre at Polytechnique

Twenty years ago this week—December 6, 1989—Mark Lépine shot or stabbed 27 engineering students, mostly women, at Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal after accusing them of being feminists. Of the 14 students who died, all were women. December 6 is now … Continue reading

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Update on Abortion Access in Healthcare Reform

Yesterday, the U.S. Senate voted to table an amendment to the healthcare reform bill, the language of which mirrored the restrictive Stupak-Pitts amendment attached to the House’s version of the bill. The Senate amendment was offered by Ben Nelson, D-Nebraska, … Continue reading

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New Report Suggests ‘Campus Culture of Secrecy’ Stands Between Sexual Assault Victims and Justice

The Center for Public Integrity has released a new series of reports which argues that college women who are sexually assaulted often find themselves facing a campus culture of secrecy, where it is difficult to report the assault and take … Continue reading

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Irish Abortion Law Under Scrutiny

Next week, the European Court of Human Rights will hear arguments about whether Ireland’s abortion laws violate women’s human rights. Current Irish law outlaws legal access to abortion, making an exception only to save a pregnant woman’s life. Because of … Continue reading

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