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Pittsburgh Feminist Leaves Strong Legacy

Gerald Gardner, who was influential in two landmark discrimination cases, died this past weekend in his hometown of Pittsburgh. He was 83. Dr. Gardner taught at various colleges and universities and was highly influential in his field of engineering and … Continue reading

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The New Anti-Choice Arguments

Salon recently featured an opinion article written by Frances Kissling, former President of Catholics for Choice and current visiting scholar at the Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania, about a new twist in the abortion debate. Kissling argues … Continue reading

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Impact of Health Care Reform on the LGBT Community

The Center for American Progress has released an issue brief detailing how health care reform could help LGBT people and families in the United States. The brief’s author, Josh Rosenthal, focuses on a few key principles for policymakers to consider … Continue reading

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WLP at Rally to Oppose Cuts to Services for Women and Families

Yesterday, the Women’s Law Project’s Executive Director, Carol Tracy, participated in a rally in Harrisburg to oppose budget cuts proposed by the state senate that would eliminate funding for services vital to women and families. The rally was sponsored by … Continue reading

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President Obama on Covering Abortion Care in Public Health Plan

During an interview with Katie Couric on CBS Evening News, President Obama addressed concerns about his plan for health care reform and providing an option for a government-run health insurance plan. We have previously blogged about some legislators’ reluctance to … Continue reading

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House Protects Access to Abortion Services

Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives took strides to secure women’s access to abortion. In a 219-208 vote, the House approved a spending bill for 2010 that would allow Washington, D.C. to use local funds to help pay for … Continue reading

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Sotomayor Emerges from Hearings Unscathed

Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s hearings in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee ended last week, after four days of testimony from her supporters, detractors, and the judge herself. The judge seems set to be confirmed by the Senate in August, enjoying … Continue reading

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Asylum for Domestic Violence Survivors

The Obama Administration has taken a step forward for international women’s rights by announcing that domestic violence victims from other countries would be granted asylum in the United States. The qualifications for being granted asylum are: In addition to meeting … Continue reading

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FDA Approves One-Pill Plan B and Lowers Age Requirement for OTC Use

The Food and Drug Administration has approved a one-pill version of Plan B, called Plan B One Step. Additionally, the FDA has approved marketing the drug to women age 17 and older. In a press release, the FDA said that … Continue reading

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WLP Executive Director on Reporting Rape

Carol Tracy, Executive Director of the Women’s Law Project, was quoted in an article this weekend in the New Orleans Times-Picayune. Rape statistics are down in New Orleans, but this may be due to a mislabeling of rapes and sex … Continue reading

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