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Sexual Assault in the Military: Servicewomen Taking a Stand

The Washington D.C. law firm Burke PLLC is preparing to file a class action suit against the U.S. military for failure to properly address sexual assault and rape. Not only is a woman in the military more likely to be … Continue reading

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Recognizes Star Female Football Player

Sharon Vasquez, a defensive back for the Pittsburgh Passion of the Independent Women’s Football League (IWFL), helped the United States beat Canada 66-0 in the first International Federation of American Football Women’s World Championship in Stockholm, Sweden on July 3rd.  … Continue reading

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HB 2400: A Chance to Help Pennsylvania’s Unemployed

It seems impossible that amid all the bickering in the state legislature over budget shortages, there is $273 million sitting on the table, requiring only that the state unemployment insurance system be reformed [PDF]. These federal dollars could be available … Continue reading

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Changing the Dialogue Surrounding Teens and Sex

Today, a piece by Kierra Johnson, executive director of Choice USA was posted on Huffington Post urging us to change the dialogue around teenagers and sex.  Johnson wants us to re-evaluate the discussion about teenage pregnancy: instead of stigmatizing sexually … Continue reading

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Obama Bans Abortion Coverage in High-Risk Pools

The Obama administration has imposed a near-total abortion ban in Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plans (PCIPs), also known as high-risk pools. It is particularly upsetting that the ban affects those covered under PCIPs. Since women who will be covered under these … Continue reading

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Montgomery County Commissioner Questions Whether Undocumented Residents Deserve Prenatal Care

On May 27, a previously uncontroversial initiative to educate and assist pregnant women at a Norristown hospital was threatened. At a Montgomery County commissioners meeting, Chairman James Matthews initiated a discussion about whether or not the program should continue when … Continue reading

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Historic Class Action Sex Discrimination Suit Against Wal-Mart

Six current and former female Wal-Mart employees will represent not only themselves in their sex discrimination lawsuit against the retail giant, but “‘all women employed at any Wal-Mart domestic retail store at any time since Dec. 26, 1998.’” This would … Continue reading

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