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March on Allegheny County Jail Tomorrow for Amy Lynn Gillespie

Amy Lynn Gillespie, 27, died on January 13, 2010. Ms. Gillespie was incarcerated at the Allegheny County Jail and at the time of her death, was 18 weeks pregnant. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that she was in jail for “violating … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania is Making Improvements for Incarcerated Moms, But Much More Needs to Be Done

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette recently published an article praising Pennsylvania’s number one status among state prison systems with regard to treatment of pregnant inmates. Post-Gazette reporter Tracie Mauriello cites examples from a study titled “Mothers Behind Bars” (PDF) conducted by the … Continue reading

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Want to Take a Law School Course on Reproductive Rights? Might Be Hard to Find…

Law Students for Reproductive Justice (LSRJ) has completed its seven-year survey [PDF] of reproductive rights-related course offerings and instructor-led reading groups at the nation’s 197 law schools. The results are troubling for women’s health advocates: Only 18% of responding law … Continue reading

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Debunking the Myth of the “Welfare Queen”: Who Actually Receives TANF Benefits?

In February of this year, a blogger wrote about their experience observing an 11th grade classroom. The post discusses a student performing a poem that mocks a poor woman who encourages her seven children to steal food. When the character … Continue reading

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Anti-abortion Activists Contest Planned Parenthood of the Heartland’s Telemedicine Program

Last month, we discussed the medical abortion pill’s progress ten years after its FDA approval and noted that its approval hadn’t increased access to abortion as much as women’s health advocates had hoped. The Guttmacher Institute tells us that women … Continue reading

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