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Study: Health Reform Has Positive Effects for Women and Their Families

A recent study on the impact of Massachusetts health care reform on women’s health reveals how important access to convenient and affordable health care can be for women and their families. On August 26, Kelly Blanchard and Amanda Dennis summarized … Continue reading

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Crisis Pregnancy Centers: the New Face of Women’s Health Care?

Since we last blogged about Crisis Pregnancy Centers, a new development has increased the threat they pose to women’s access to comprehensive reproductive health care. A new initiative by several pro-life groups aims to fund CPCs’ conversion to medical clinics, … Continue reading

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Wrong Women Urged to be tested for Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is the fifth most common cancer in women but “causes more deaths than any other type female reproductive cancer.” The high fatality rate of ovarian cancer is partially due to the fact that it is difficult to diagnose. … Continue reading

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Protecting Health Insurance During Pregnancy

Last week, a Ms. Magazine blog post brought to our attention an important California initiative that would protect women’s health insurance during pregnancy.  Unlike most states, California offers Pregnancy Leave up to four months for eligible women and Paid Family … Continue reading

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