Widespread Support for Employment Non-discrimination Ordinances

We recently wrote about the LGBT non-discrimination bills that were introduced in Pennsylvania but a new poll shows support on a national level. A recent nationwide poll by the Center for American Progress captures the widespread support of employment non-discrimination for LGBT individuals:

Nearly three-fourths of voters (73 percent) support protecting gay and transgender people from workplace discrimination…Even among voters who identify themselves as feeling generally unfavorable toward gay people, a full 50 percent support workplace nondiscrimination protections for the gay and transgender population.

The support shown in this poll makes it all the more necessary to get a non-discrimination bill, like the Employment Non-Discrimination Act which has been introduced in the U.S. House and Senate, passed. If that happens, Pennsylvanians who live outside of the 19 municipalities that have already passed non-discrimination ordinances would finally be protected, as would anyone living in the 29 other states that do not have statewide protection. Having equal protection under federal law is the right thing to do-and most people think it already exists:

The survey also found that 9 of out 10 voters erroneously think that a federal law is already in place protecting gay and transgender people from workplace discrimination.

When 90% of those surveyed believe that LGBT inclusive employment non-discrimination protections already exist, it is ridiculous for these bills not to pass. Employment discrimination does not occur in isolated incidents; rather nearly half of transgender people also report experiencing an adverse job outcome because of their gender identity. It is unacceptable for people in the United States to be fired, passed over for a job or denied a promotion because they are LGBT.

Contact your U.S. senator and representative and let them know how important it is that all Americans are protected from employment discrimination regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

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