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Victory: WLP Statement on Ruling that Protects Abortion Providers

Yesterday, the 9th Circuit affirmed the protection of abortion providers from fraudulent and dangerous invasions of privacy. The Women’s Law Project is proud to have supported the National Abortion Federation (NAF) by filing a brief explaining the history of anti-abortion … Continue reading

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Report: 102 Pennsylvanians Were Killed by Domestic Violence Last Year

102 people were killed by domestic violence in Pennsylvania last year, according to a new report released by the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Fifty-six of the victims were female, and 46 male. The oldest victim was 86 years old. … Continue reading

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Urgent Action Alert: The AHCA is Catastrophic for Women’s Health #ProtectOurCare

The U.S. House will vote on the American Health Care Act (AHCA) this afternoon. The AHCA is the makeshift pseudo-replacement for the Affordable Care Act. In fact, it is not really a healthcare plan at all as much as it … Continue reading

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Report: Pennsylvania Women Not On Track for Equal Pay Until 2068

  A baby girl born today will likely never achieve equal pay in her lifetime in 13 states unless we narrow the pay gap with corrective policy, according to a new state-by-state analysis published by the Institute for Women’s Policy … Continue reading

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WLP Files Court Brief to Protect Scientists from Anti-Abortion Harassment & Violence

The Women’s Law Project just filed an amici brief on behalf of the Southern Poverty Law Center and Feminist Majority Foundation in support of plaintiff scientists and researchers in a key reproductive rights case concerning protecting targets of anti-abortion harassment … Continue reading

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Warning: PA SB 241 is a Fake Equal Pay Bill

We’ve gone from fake news to fake bills. It’s important that you are aware that SB 241, legislation its supporters tout as an equal pay fix, is absolutely not what it needed. In fact, it would reverse equal pay protections … Continue reading

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Anti-Choice Organization Sues PA Auditor General for Auditing Them

Just in: Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene Pasquale released a statement today announcing that Real Alternatives, a Pennsylvania-based network of so-called “crisis pregnancy centers,” is suing him for conducting an audit of how they are spending taxpayer dollars. From the statement: … Continue reading

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Does Your Local Hospital Refuse to Provide Emergency Contraception to Rape Victims?

In Pennsylvania, hospitals that refuse to provide sexual-assault patients with emergency contraception due to stated moral or religious belief must submit that decision to the state department of health, so that Pennsylvanians have the information necessary to seek standard medical … Continue reading

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Why We’re Working Today in Solidarity with the Women’s Strike

March 8 is International Women’s Day and, this year, organizers of the historic Women’s Marches have designated today as a women’s strike they are calling “A Day Without a Woman.” From the announcement: “In the same spirit of love and … Continue reading

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WLP Statement on Proposal to Defund Planned Parenthood

President Trump’s reported threat to defund Planned Parenthood unless the organization stops providing safe, legal abortion care is the epitome of pro-life hypocrisy. Just last year, the president himself admitted that Planned Parenthood’s low-cost healthcare helps “millions and millions” of … Continue reading

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