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Girl Scout Survey Sheds Light on Girls’ Body Image Battles

A recent body image survey conducted by the Girl Scouts determined that many girls are feeling the extreme pressures of the fashion industry to be thin and to use any means necessary to accomplish this goal. The survey, Beauty Redefined … Continue reading

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Female Judges in the United States Are Few and Far Between

Update: This blog post originally stated that there were no women on the Mississippi Supreme Court, which came from the executive summary of the report. However, Beverly Pettigrew Kraft, Public Information Officer for the Administrative Office of Courts in Mississippi, … Continue reading

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Reproductive Coercion Among Young Women and Teens

Reproductive rights activists have posited that the rise in unwanted and unplanned pregnancies among teens and young women in recent years could be due to the failure to use adequate birth control or the effects of abstinence-only-until-marriage education. A new … Continue reading

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Not All Athletes are Anti-Choice

Among the building excitement for this weekend’s Super Bowl match between the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts, the controversy over the Tim Tebow and Focus on the Family anti-choice advertisement also continues to develop. In response to CBS’s plan … Continue reading

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Celebrate National Girls and Women in Sports Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow, February 3rd, the Women’s Law Project will join Pennsylvania Senator Mary Jo White and Representative Tim Briggs in the Capitol Rotunda to recognize National Girls and Women in Sports Day, an annual event honoring the achievements and participation of … Continue reading

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Inspiring Girls to Lead Governments

The Women and Girls Foundation of Southwestern Pennsylvania is sponsoring a  program called “GirlGov,” which is designed to encourage young women and girls to get involved in politics.  The program will send 16 girls, ages 13 through 17, to the … Continue reading

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Working Women, Happier Families

A recent report by the Pew Research Center has reignited the debate over gender roles within heterosexual marriages. Due to significant changes in educational and employment statistics between men and women, the economic roles between spouses is changing. The study … Continue reading

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