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Widespread Support for Employment Non-discrimination Ordinances

We recently wrote about the LGBT non-discrimination bills that were introduced in Pennsylvania but a new poll shows support on a national level. A recent nationwide poll by the Center for American Progress captures the widespread support of employment non-discrimination … Continue reading

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Women in Academia recently published a list of “15 Incredibly Inspiring Women in Academia.” The list includes such notable women as Marie Curie, Maya Angelou, and Judith Butler. Included in the list are brief biographical notes about the women’s respective accomplishments and … Continue reading

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Georgia Anti-Sex Trafficking Law a Step in the Right Direction

On July 1, a Georgia bill mandating more compassionate treatment of victims of sex trafficking and harsher punishments for perpetrators will officially become law.  The law will increase the penalty for sex trafficking to up to 20 years in prison … Continue reading

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Update: Philadelphia Paid Sick-Leave Bill

We have previously written about the importance of the Promoting Healthy Families and Workplaces Bill which would give Philadelphia part-time and full-time workers the opportunity to earn sick time proportionate to hours worked and the size of the business. At … Continue reading

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What We’re Reading: Women’s Health

There has been an overwhelming amount of news out there concerning women’s health recently, so much that it is impossible to write an individual blog post on all the stories WLP staff come across. Below you will find a list … Continue reading

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Remembering Dr. Tiller in the Abortion Debate

Two years ago yesterday, Dr. George Tiller of Wichita, Kansas, was murdered for his work as a well-known abortion provider.  Dr. Tiller was renowned for the high level of care that he provided to women for many years. Despite the … Continue reading

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LGBT Non-Discrimination Bills Introduced in PA House and Senate

To take a break from the myriad of bad news coming out of the Pennsylvanian House of Representatives, we are very happy to report that House Bill 300 was reintroduced along with companion Senate Bill 910. As you may remember, … Continue reading

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