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Obama’s Choice of anti-LGBT Pastor Draws Fire

Members of the LGBT community across the nation have been expressing outrage at President-Elect Obama’s choice of Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at his inauguration. Mr. Warren heads a megachurch in California and has been a strong opponent of … Continue reading

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Bush Enacts Anti-Abortion Regulation

The Bush administration has enacted the Provider Conscience Regulation we blogged about in the past. This policy allows a wide group of medical personnel to refuse providing any medical service to which they object on moral grounds. But even before … Continue reading

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FDA Advisory Panel Approves New Female Condom

The Food and Drug Administration’s advisory panel voted 15-0 last week to approve sales of a new female condom in the United States. The new condom is quieter, made of softer material, and will most likely be less expensive than … Continue reading

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Vatican Perpetuates Misinformation about Abortion

Last week the Vatican issued a sweeping treatise on bioethics (in PDF). In the document, in addition to condemning abortion, it took aim at the morning-after pill, IUDs and RU-486, saying that these too can result in abortions. RU-486 can, … Continue reading

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Anti-choice activist still spreading misinformation

Earlier, we blogged about Ross Douthat’s op-ed in the New York Times contending that the anti-choice activists are not out of touch with mainstream Americans, which we exposed as a misrepresentation of the very radical goals of the movement. We … Continue reading

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V is for Victory

Does this video remind you of conditions at your school? Do you believe that your school isn’t treating boys and girls equally when it comes to athletics? The Women’s Law Project is partnering with organizations across the country on a … Continue reading

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75th Woman Goes to the House of Representatives

Election Day 2008 guaranteed that more women than ever will serve in the 111th U.S. Congress, and on Dec. 6, Mary Jo Kilroy of Ohio claimed the right to join their ranks. Kilroy, a Democrat, was in a race too-close-to-call … Continue reading

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