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White House Appoints Lynn Rosenthal Advisor on Violence Against Women

Taking a definite step towards strong support of women’s issues, Vice President Joe Biden announced last week that Lynn Rosenthal has been appointed the new White House Advisor on Violence Against Women. The position will be an enormous help to … Continue reading

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FDA Approves Generic Version of Plan B As Problems Remain for Young Women’s Access

Last week, the FDA approved the first generic emergency contraception pill, known as levonorgestrel. The drug will be available to women ages 17 and older beginning Aug. 24, 2009, when Plan B’s over-the-counter patent protection expires. This news marks considerable … Continue reading

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Utah Bill Would Give Students Option for Comprehensive Sex Education

A new bill proposed in the Utah House of Representatives would create two types of sex education, abstinence-only and comprehensive, and let parents choose which class their child would take.  The first class would advocate abstinence until marriage and talk … Continue reading

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Teen Contraception Use Declining, Birth Rate Increases According to Study

Despite years of improved contraception use and declining pregnancy and birth rates amongst teens, a joint study (PDF) by Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health and the Guttmacher Institute reports that these trends may have stalled or, in some … Continue reading

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Cyber-stalking in the Internet (and Cell Phone, and GPS, and Digital Camera…) Age

In an age where optimism is hurriedly attaining an obsolete status amidst the ruins of the economy and the travesty of the health care system, technology—at least—provides a private escape into wonderment. On a daily basis, the accomplishments of technology … Continue reading

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Girls like math too…

The term “gender gap” has become such an insurmountable cliché that even when unused, the phrase hangs loftily over any piece of news announcing the disparity of the sexes. Mentioned in reference to the unequal treatment of men and women … Continue reading

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Title IX Lawsuit Pending in Florida

After passing a plan in April to cut the number of scheduled high school sporting events, the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) will soon be facing a lawsuit on the grounds of Title IX violations and discrimination towards female … Continue reading

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Milwaukee Judge Invalidates Paid Sick Days for Victims of Domestic Violence

Last fall, almost 70 percent of Milwaukee voters approved an ordinance that would guarantee workers seven paid sick days a year. Last Friday, as reported in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Judge Thomas Cooper of the Milwaukee County Circuit Court ruled … Continue reading

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City Girls Continue to Face Obstacles to Athletic Participation

Title IX has been in effect since 1972, the Williams sisters are at least as famous as their male counterparts, and suburban girls play almost as many sports as boys. But as an article in the Sunday New York Times … Continue reading

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Lone Wolves Don’t Appear Out of Nowhere

In this weekend’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, columnist Sally Kalson examined the “lone wolves” who have killed six people in the past 66 days in the United States: Richard Poplawski, who killed three Pittsburgh police officers responding to a domestic disturbance call … Continue reading

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