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Changing the Dialogue Surrounding Teens and Sex

Today, a piece by Kierra Johnson, executive director of Choice USA was posted on Huffington Post urging us to change the dialogue around teenagers and sex.  Johnson wants us to re-evaluate the discussion about teenage pregnancy: instead of stigmatizing sexually … Continue reading

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Sexting: Potential legislation on teen offenders could unfairly punish girls

House Bill 2189 in the Pennsylvania legislature is a proposal to make “sexting,” the act of electronically sending or receiving nude photos, illegal for minors. While it sounds as though the bill is simply an adherence to child pornography laws … Continue reading

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Pittsburgh Public Schools Adopt Comprehensive Sex Education

Good news for Pittsburgh Public Schools! Last week, the Pittsburgh public school board voted in favor of adopting a comprehensive sex education curriculum to replace the current abstinence-only program. Community members, parents, and students have been calling for reform, and … Continue reading

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What Do Women Want?

The New York Times Magazine recently published a story outlining different approaches to understanding the different experiences of women and men in sex. The article emphasizes the recent surge in research in the field of female sexuality, which was at … Continue reading

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