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Changing the Dialogue Surrounding Teens and Sex

Today, a piece by Kierra Johnson, executive director of Choice USA was posted on Huffington Post urging us to change the dialogue around teenagers and sex.  Johnson wants us to re-evaluate the discussion about teenage pregnancy: instead of stigmatizing sexually … Continue reading

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Rise in Syphilis and Gonorrhea Cases in Pennsylvania and Nationwide

From 2004 to 2008, the reported cases of syphilis in Pennsylvania increased from 574 to 902, and in 2007, Pennsylvania’s rate of 102 people infected with gonorrhea out of every 100,000 was higher than rates in New Jersey, New York, … Continue reading

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Guttmacher Details State Legislative Trends at Midyear

Recently, the Guttmacher Institute released its analysis of state legislative trends at the midway point of 2009. According to the Institute, “875 measures related to reproductive health were introduced in the 50 states and DC, and a total of 33 … Continue reading

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Utah Bill Would Give Students Option for Comprehensive Sex Education

A new bill proposed in the Utah House of Representatives would create two types of sex education, abstinence-only and comprehensive, and let parents choose which class their child would take.  The first class would advocate abstinence until marriage and talk … Continue reading

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Two Bills in Pennsylvania Legislature would Improve Sex Education

An article in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review describes two bills, currently in the state legislature, that could have a significant positive impact on sex education in public schools. The Notice Home Act, sponsored by Democratic Rep. Eddie Day Pashiski, would require … Continue reading

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Second Consecutive Year for Rise in Teen Birth Rates

Last year, public health professionals were disheartened by the news that teenage birth rates were up, reversing a 14-year long trend of decline. While it is still premature to see if a real downward trend is emerging, the statistics signal a … Continue reading

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Pittsburgh Public Schools Adopt Comprehensive Sex Education

Good news for Pittsburgh Public Schools! Last week, the Pittsburgh public school board voted in favor of adopting a comprehensive sex education curriculum to replace the current abstinence-only program. Community members, parents, and students have been calling for reform, and … Continue reading

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