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Two Bills in Pennsylvania Legislature would Improve Sex Education

An article in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review describes two bills, currently in the state legislature, that could have a significant positive impact on sex education in public schools. The Notice Home Act, sponsored by Democratic Rep. Eddie Day Pashiski, would require … Continue reading

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Kate Michelman on Dr. Tiller

Former NARAL Pro-Choice America President Kate Michelman has published a short piece on, remembering Dr. Tiller and his courageous commitment to serving the women who came to his clinic with dignity and respect. An excerpt: George Tiller was among … Continue reading

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Workers’ Rights to Paid Sick Days

Workers in San Francisco, the District of Columbia, and Milwaukee have a right to paid sick days. In a commentary for Women’s eNews, Linda Meric explains why the US Congress should pass the Healthy Families Act, making it easier for … Continue reading

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What happens when women don’t just break the “glass ceiling,” but shatter it into a million pieces…

In March 1986, the Wall Street Journal proliferated the term “glass ceiling” to denote the metaphorical barrier halting women from ascending the corporate ladder. Many books followed, including Ann M. Morrison’s pivotal 1987 Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Can Women Reach … Continue reading

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Berner beats the boys: Title IX allows another female athlete to compete, and win

Talented tennis player Hannah Berner, a senior at the Beacon School in New York, did not have the option of joining a girls tennis team when she transferred to the school two years ago. Thanks to Title IX, the school … Continue reading

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Nebraska Bill Makes Ultrasounds Required Part of Abortion Process

Last Friday, the Nebraska legislature approved and the Nebraska governor signed into law a bill that will require abortion providers to make an ultrasound easily visible to all women one hour before the abortion is performed. The right to life … Continue reading

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Honoring the Memory of Dr. Tiller

A few hours ago, one of the nation’s most courageous and dedicated abortion providers was murdered at his church in Wichita, Kansas. Dr. George Tiller cared for women from all over the United States who had nowhere else to turn, … Continue reading

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