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Women Deserve Equality in Sports

Earlier this month, the Washington Post published an op-ed blaming Title IX for targeting male teams for elimination at universities. Due to many schools’ struggles with finances during the economic downturn, they have cut athletic teams. H. Clay McEldowney, the … Continue reading

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Secretary Clinton Committed to Benefits for Same-sex Partners

Following up on our earlier post about Rep. Berman’s proposed legislation to extend benefits to the same-sex partners of officers in the U.S. Foreign Service, we learn that Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is on the same track. The … Continue reading

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The State of Women in Politics in the U.S.

The Washington Post recently published a telling article about the status of women in politics in the United States today. The article opens with the details of a conference hosted by the White House Project at Agnes Scott College in … Continue reading

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President Obama Working to Reduce Need for Abortion

The Washington Post reports that President Obama is trying shift the issue of abortion in the United States from a debate over “morality and legality” to emphasizing the need to decrease the number of unplanned pregnancies. To do this, he … Continue reading

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Lawsuits Filed Against Conscience Clause Regulation

The Washington Post reported last Thursday that seven states filed lawsuits against the outgoing Bush administration to protest the so-called Conscience Clause regulation, issued by the Department of Health and Human Services. We previously blogged about the regulation and the … Continue reading

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Obama’s Choice of anti-LGBT Pastor Draws Fire

Members of the LGBT community across the nation have been expressing outrage at President-Elect Obama’s choice of Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at his inauguration. Mr. Warren heads a megachurch in California and has been a strong opponent of … Continue reading

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Title IX: Not “Devastating” to Men’s Sports

On Saturday, the Washington Post published the following letter to the editor. Contrary to the allegations of the letter, Title IX has not damaged men’s sports. Instead, it has increased opportunities for women and girls to have a fair shot … Continue reading

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