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Legislators Seek More Restrictions on Abortion Across the U.S.

A new wave of conservative legislators took office in November and since that time, have made many attempts to restrict abortion and impose further impediments on women seeking abortions.  Lawmakers across the United States have introduced bills and/or passed laws … Continue reading

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Clearing Up Untruths About Abortion

This Sunday’s New York Times published an op-ed by Ross Douthat of the Atlantic, in which he spent over 1,100 words perpetuating untruths and myths about the anti-choice movement in an apparent effort to absolve them of any blame for … Continue reading

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Anti-Abortion Ballot Measures Defeated

While Election Day proved to be a disappointment for LGBT rights, all three anti-abortion measures we previously wrote about were soundly defeated. South Dakota’s sweeping abortion ban, known as Initiated Measure 11, was defeated 55% to 44%. In California, 52.6% … Continue reading

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Reproductive Rights on Ballots Across the Country – Part II: South Dakota

South Dakota is one of three states with abortion-related measures on the ballot this November. Previously, we discussed Colorado’s constitutional amendment and its implications on women’s health. South Dakota’s first ballot initiative to ban all abortions was introduced and narrowly … Continue reading

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