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WLP Signs Onto Amicus Brief for Female Walmart Employees

The United States Supreme Court is set to hear a sex discrimination case brought against the largest private employer in the states. Although Walmart v. Dukes began with a small group of female workers, it has since grown into a … Continue reading

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Pittsburgh U.S. Attorney’s Office Opens New Civil Rights Section as Sex Discrimination Suit Filed Against Local Firm

On Tuesday, December 7, the U.S. Attorney’s office in Pittsburgh launched a civil rights section. According to the Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh’s is the newest of about a dozen federal prosecution offices nationwide to open a section dedicated exclusively to civil rights … Continue reading

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No Hard-wired Differences Between Male and Female Brains

In Delusions of Gender, a new book that seeks to correct popular false conceptions of sex and gender, Cordelia Fine, shows that “there are no major neurological differences between the sexes.”  Fine, who is a research fellow at the University … Continue reading

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Wage Gap Woes: Women Continue to Face Pay Discrimination

A new study by the Project for Attorney Retention and the Minority Corporate Counsel Association has revealed that the glass ceiling is still present for female attorneys. The traditional explanation for wage disparities has been that “family responsibilities mean women … Continue reading

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Women’s Law Project Joins Amicus Effort Against Gender Biased Single-Sex Classrooms

The Women’s Law Project has joined 38 organizations filing an amicus curiae brief [PDF] in Doe v. Vermilion Parish School Board supporting the plaintiff in her fight against the implementation of gender biased single-sex classrooms. The school district supports single-sex … Continue reading

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A Victory for Female Employees at Novartis

A class-action suit that lasted five weeks in trial was decided last week in favor of female employees at the pharmaceutical company Novartis. One of the women’s lawyers described the “overwhelming” evidence of discrimination against women, especially pregnant women, in … Continue reading

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Sexting: Potential legislation on teen offenders could unfairly punish girls

House Bill 2189 in the Pennsylvania legislature is a proposal to make “sexting,” the act of electronically sending or receiving nude photos, illegal for minors. While it sounds as though the bill is simply an adherence to child pornography laws … Continue reading

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iMisogyny: Apple Pulls Sexually Explicit Applications

Certain applications, called “apps,” available for download on Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch have been pulled from circulation. Apple has decided to respond to complaints from app store users that certain apps depicting highly sexualized women are inappropriate. These apps … Continue reading

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Female Judges in the United States Are Few and Far Between

Update: This blog post originally stated that there were no women on the Mississippi Supreme Court, which came from the executive summary of the report. However, Beverly Pettigrew Kraft, Public Information Officer for the Administrative Office of Courts in Mississippi, … Continue reading

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Olympic Committee Leaves Female Ski Jumpers Out in the Cold

Jessica Jerome is the U.S. champion in ski jumping, but unlike her fellow American athletes Ryan Malone (hockey), Sasha Cohen (figure skating) and Apolo Anton Ohno (speedskating), she is not training for the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver. The International … Continue reading

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