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Why Is It So Hard to Get Abortion Right in the News?

Reproductive health is a multi-beat topic in the daily news cycle, and yet coverage of abortion so often falls short. Why? WLP communications director Tara Murtha wrote a piece for The Poynter Institute examining a new study published in the peer-reviewed … Continue reading

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11 “Revenge Porn” Cases in First Six Months of PA’s New Law

A law criminalizing a type of digital harassment known as “revenge porn,” an initiative of the Agenda for Women’s Health, passed into law last year. A new analysis by The Tribune-Review reveals that in the first six months the law … Continue reading

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Can Two Women Have Similar Jobs Without it Becoming a “Catfight?”

Last week brought the news that Diane Sawyer will replace Charles Gibson on ABC’s World News Tonight, making her the second woman to anchor one of the three major network nightly news shows. This New York Times article examines Ms. … Continue reading

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Second Consecutive Year for Rise in Teen Birth Rates

Last year, public health professionals were disheartened by the news that teenage birth rates were up, reversing a 14-year long trend of decline. While it is still premature to see if a real downward trend is emerging, the statistics signal a … Continue reading

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