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Book Review: Deborah Brake Brings Her A Game

Deborah Brake’s book Getting in the Game: Title IX and the Women’s Sports Revolution immediately captures the attention of the reader and does not let go until the end. Although grounded in the study of law, Getting in the Game … Continue reading

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Women Deserve Equality in Sports

Earlier this month, the Washington Post published an op-ed blaming Title IX for targeting male teams for elimination at universities. Due to many schools’ struggles with finances during the economic downturn, they have cut athletic teams. H. Clay McEldowney, the … Continue reading

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Women’s College Basketball: Undervalued and Underappreciated

“History and tradition” are usually given as reasons for the lower ticket prices assigned to women’s college basketball teams. Recently, the Christian Science Monitor took issue with this in an op-ed lamenting the current condition of stereotypes pervading women’s college … Continue reading

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Title IX and Men’s sports

Title IX continues to be in the spotlight when it comes to college sports. Recently, NCAA president Myles Brand said that he anticipated that colleges will have to cut athletic teams in the near future due to the state of … Continue reading

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Competition in College Athletics

The New York Times did an interesting story on the role of football at Rutgers and the mixed reactions to the university’s expanding investment in athletics. In the article, there is a link to The Quad, a New York Times … Continue reading

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