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North Dakota and Arkansas Legislatures Approve Bills Restricting Reproductive Rights

A bill passed in the North Dakota House of Representatives on Monday defines fertilized eggs as human beings possessing the same rights as an adult. The bill, HB 1572 (PDF), defines a human being as “any organism, including the single-cell … Continue reading

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Women Breaking Records in Federal and State Legislatures

Some more good post-election news: There will be 74 women serving in the U.S. House of Representatives when the 111th Congress convenes next year. This is a record-high number of female representatives, though women will still makeup only 17% of … Continue reading

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LGBT Ballot Measures

While Election Day proved to be a happy one for advocates of reproductive justice, it also brought devastating defeats for the LGBT community and their allies. Four states, California, Florida, Arizona, and Arkansas, had measures on the ballot limiting the … Continue reading

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