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Girls More Confident After 2008 Election

A study by the Girl Scout Research Institute reveals that girls aged 13 to 17 are more confident after the 2008 presidential election. According to the study, 50% of girls believe they have more confidence and that they can reach … Continue reading

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Women and President-elect Obama’s Economic Stimulus Plan

Two recent op-eds in the Boston Globe and New York Times have examined what effect President-elect Obama’s proposed economic stimulus plan would have on women. And they’re finding that women are practically shut out of the plan altogether. First, let’s … Continue reading

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Remember to Vote Today and Bring a Friend!

The General Election is finally here, and today we have an opportunity to participate in our democracy by voting. In the past, there has been one group of the electorate that has not voted at the same rate as others … Continue reading

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The More You Know: Emergency Ballots

Election Day is almost here and we are expecting a great turnout at the polls, given the extraordinarily high number of voters who have registered all over the state (as well as all over the nation).  In consideration of this … Continue reading

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