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Update on Abortion Access in Healthcare Reform

Yesterday, the U.S. Senate voted to table an amendment to the healthcare reform bill, the language of which mirrored the restrictive Stupak-Pitts amendment attached to the House’s version of the bill. The Senate amendment was offered by Ben Nelson, D-Nebraska, … Continue reading

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Democrats Sacrifice Women’s Rights for Political Gains

Women’s Law Project Special Advisor Kate Michelman co-authored a scathing op-ed with former Catholics for Choice president Frances Kissling this week in the New York Times, criticizing House Democrats for passing the Stupak-Pitts amendment to the healthcare reform bill. As … Continue reading

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Comprehensive Health Care Reform – Unless You’re a Woman

On Saturday night, the U.S. House of Representatives voted 220-215 to overhaul the health care system in the United States. Media outlets are framing this as a victory for progressives, and to be sure, some elements of the bill will … Continue reading

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Good News for Child Support Enforcement

Last Thursday, Democratic Senator Jay Rockefeller introduced the Child Support Enforcement Act, which would restore needed funding to child support enforcement efforts by reinstating the federal policy of matching the state-provided funds. Joan Entmacher at Womenstake highlighted the impressive bipartisan … Continue reading

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Nomination Update: Regina Benjamin and Dawn Johnsen

Senate Democrats are hopeful that the next couple of the weeks will bring advancements in approving President Obama’s executive nominees, 200 of which are stalled in the Senate. Two of these nominees are surgeon general nominee Regina Benjamin, and Office … Continue reading

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Rep. Frank Optimistic about ENDA Passage

Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank had some good news last week regarding the status of ENDA, the Employment Nondiscrimination Act. Rep. Frank, the lead sponsor of the bill, is optimistic about passing the bill and expects a vote by year’s end. … Continue reading

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Women and Health Care Reform

President Barack Obama’s speech to Congress Wednesday night addressing health care may have been a reminder to some of how the progress of the Obama Administration’s “women-friendly initiatives,” highly visible in the first six months of President Obama’s presidency, has … Continue reading

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