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“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Update

Earlier this month, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a defense bill (HB 5136) that included an amendment that would repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the law that prohibits individuals who are openly gay, lesbian, or bisexual from serving in … Continue reading

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Senate Committee Votes to Increase Overseas Servicewomen’s Access to Abortion

On May 27th the Senate Armed Forces Committee voted to include an amendment in this year’s defense authorization bill that would reverse a ban on using private funds to obtain abortions at U.S. military bases and hospitals (). The amendment … Continue reading

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Senators Franken and Snowe Working for Servicewomen’s Reproductive Rights

Senator Al Franken (D-MN) may have only been in the Senate for a short time, but he’s been using that time to advance women’s reproductive rights in really great ways. In October we wrote about his amendment to the appropriations … Continue reading

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Female Soldiers and PTSD: “People Underestimate What These Women Have Been Through”

Damien Cave writes in the New York Times about female veterans with stress disorders, and the unique challenges they face upon returning home. Cave writes that never before has the United States witnessed so many female veterans affected by the … Continue reading

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Standing Up for Victims of Sexual Assault and Harassment

Senator Al Franken may be new to the U.S. Senate, but he’s trying to correct some old problems. He has introduced an amendment to the Defense Appropriations Bill, SA 2588, that would bar the Department of Defense from contracting with … Continue reading

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In Iraq, Female Soldiers Prove Old Assumptions Wrong

The New York Times series “Women at Arms” explores the expanding role of women in the military and the extent to which, especially in Iraq, women have become indispensible in all types of operations, showing along the way that they … Continue reading

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Revamping Medical Care for Female Veterans

An article from US News and World Report highlights an important aspect of the healthcare reform debate: overcoming the shortcomings of an already overworked VA hospital system that was designed for an all-male military. The article reports that the 8% … Continue reading

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