The Women’s Law Project joined the fight for women’s rights in 1974, founded by a group of feminist attorneys devoted to equality and justice. Emboldened by the resurgent feminist movement of the 1970s, we soon won national recognition for our trailblazing Equal Rights Amendment Project, combining extensive litigation under state ERAs with public education.

The Women’s Law Project has a stellar record of achievement protecting reproductive freedom in Pennsylvania and elsewhere in the United States. We represented the plaintiffs in three landmark U.S. Supreme Court decisions on reproductive freedom: ACOG v. Thornburgh (1986), Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992), and Ferguson v. City of Charleston (2001). We led the massive, nationwide amicus effort upholding abortion rights in the U.S. Supreme Court in Stenberg v. Carhart (2000); our litigation struck down Pennsylvania’s rape and incest police reporting requirements for low-income women’s Medicaid-funded abortions in Blackwell v. Knoll (1996). On a daily basis, Law Project attorneys troubleshoot for Pennsylvania clinics, hospitals, doctors, patient advocates, and women seeking abortions, providing accurate, authoritative information about Pennsylvania’s abortion laws.

The Women’s Law Project has challenged sex discrimination in employment, education, athletics, and insurance; advanced the rights of lesbian and gay parents; advocated on behalf of impoverished women; worked for fair and accessible procedures in child custody, child support, and protection from abuse actions; and championed the rights of sexual assault survivors. We take pride in being both a unique resource for Pennsylvania women and a national leader in the field of women’s rights.

This blog is a project of the two offices of the WLP, located in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. It’s written by WLP staff members and interns. If you would like to contact the bloggers, please send an email to infopitt [at] womenslawproject [dot] org.


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  1. Angie says:


    From ‘burgh originally and in town on Mar 5-8. Might anyone from your group be interested in hosting (or helping me host!) a “Join Women on the Bridge” event? Women for Women Int’l is a reputable organization dedicated to ending women’s suffering due to war and violence. http://www.womenforwomen.org. They are looking for women (and guys!) in various cities around the world to support this cause by simply “gathering on the bridge” for this weekend. I noted that Pittsburgh is not yet listed for this event, yet we are the “Bridge City” ~ could this be done, say on the Hot Metal Bridge?

    Please e-mail me directly if interested in joining me “on the bridge” and supporting this effort!

    Thank you!

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