Why We’re Marching in Philadelphia on 1/21


“Our Bodies, Our Minds” by Jennifer Maravillas, via The Amplifier Foundation

This Saturday, thousands of people are taking to the streets of Philadelphia to participate in the Women’s March on Philadelphia. Participants will gather at 10AM on Logan Circle, then march toward Eakins Oval, where a rally will take place in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The event is a sister march to Women’s March on Washington and 370 additional sister marches taking place in at least 50 countries around the world. We wish great success for the DC march and for all the sister marches, and strongly support the guiding vision and principles.

But we’re marching right here in Philadelphia, and we hope that you do too.

We invite you to march with us! Meet us at Sister Cities Park at 9:45AM. Sister Cities Park is the grassy park situated on 18th Street between Race Street and Vine Street, across from the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter & Paul. If you plan to march with the Women’s Law Project, please email Tara Murtha at tmurtha@womenslawproject.org.

It’s invigorating to bond nationally and indeed globally, united in outrage over the attacks on equality the President-elect has promised to unleash on the American people. We’re marching in Philadelphia to underscore that now more than ever, we must act locally.

This isn’t a philosophy, it is a strategy.

We must understand that most of the battles that await us will be fought here on the ground, in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, and that cities and states canact as a bulwark” against the regressive agenda.

We cannot forget that we, and all Americans standing for equality, are in fact the majority—or that this fact is not enough. We will march in Philadelphia on Saturday with a commitment to act locally, to prioritize evidence-based policy over partisan politics, action over awareness, and reason over rhetoric.

Here in Pennsylvania, we’ve just entered a new two-year legislative session. We need your help as we continue to fight for equal access to reproductive healthcare and abortion, workplace equality for women, and to improve police and institutional response to domestic and sexual violence–and against all forms of sex and gender discrimination.

We hope the Women’s March on Philadelphia is just the beginning of our work together. Sign up for our Action Alerts, and we will keep you informed about local and state legislation related to women’s health and economic security, and how you can speak up.

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