Action Alert: Pennsylvania Politicians Debate Cost of Jailing Doctors

Pennsylvania vote-no-300x275politicians haven’t passed protections for LGBTQ residents in the wake of the Orlando shooting, yet they found time this morning to debate the cost of imprisoning doctors.

You read that right.

Members of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives plan to vote on this bill this afternoon. Click here to urge them to vote NO.

Pennsylvania lawmakers supporting HB1948 spent the morning debating how much it would cost per year to imprison a doctor, if he or she violated the double abortion ban they are fast-tracking through the General Assembly.

If passed into law, House Bill 1948 would criminalize almost all abortion by any method after 19 weeks’ gestation, with no exceptions for rape, incest or fetal anomaly.  In addition to making abortion after 19 weeks a felony, HB 1948 includes an additional provision that attempts to criminalize a procedure known as a D&E at any stage of pregnancy. The D&E abortion procedure is the same procedure that is used to complete a miscarriage. Some doctors caring for pregnant women experiencing sudden or severe fetal complications, such as microcephaly, the condition associated with the Zika virus, would be forced to abandon patients in desperate need of care.

To give you a hint regarding the medical validity of this kind of ban, the politicians greasing it through the process explicitly rejected input from medical experts—twice. Perhaps they suspect doctors would not feel it is good policy to be forced to choose between following HB1948 and keeping their professional oath to provide the best medical care to their patients.

And now today, they debated the cost of imprisoning any doctors who would choose the latter.

HB1948 is anti-science, anti-doctor and anti-women.

Call or email your Representative and urge them to vote NO on abortion ban HB1948.

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