Time to Demand LGBTQ Protections in Pennsylvania


LGBTQ citizens are more likely to be targets of a hate crime than any other minority group, according to a new analysis of data collected by the FBI.

Illustration: New York Times

Illustration: New York Times

Yet, LGBTQ people are excluded from Pennsylvania’s hate crime laws, and are still denied basic housing and employment protections.

It is past time we demand Pennsylvania pass basic protections for LGBTQ people.  

In 2014, when same-sex marriage became the law of the land in Pennsylvania, it was repeatedly noted that the same citizens who could get married on Sunday could still be fired from their job on Monday due to their sexual orientation or gender presentation.

The outcry for protections peaked again after two gay men, after being asked if they were a couple, were brutally attacked while walking in Philadelphia, a city often called the most LGBT-friendly in the country.

Now, in the wake of the horrific Orlando shooting where 50 people were murdered inside a gay nightclub on Latinx night, including Akyra Murray, an 18-year-old basketball player who had just graduated high school in Philadelphia, we are once again loudly demanding action.

In addition to calling for the General Assembly to pass the PA Fairness Act, three bills were introduced in the Senate this week that would update the state Human Relations Act to protect LGBT people from discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodation.

How to Demand a #FairPA for LGBTQ Citizens

Contact your representative and urge passage of these important bills.

Attend a day of action at the Capitol in Harrisburg organized by Equality PA on Wednesday, June 22. RSVP here.

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