You’re Invited to a Feminist Political Revolution Tomorrow

No matter who you support, just getting out there and voting—for all the races, not just the presidential primary—is a political revolution.

Or could be.

The fact is Pennsylvania Legislature doesn’t represent the population of Pennsylvania or reflect the majority beliefs of Pennsylvanians. As for Pennsylvania’s Congressional delegation, we are the most populous state without a single female representative.

This organization published a pamphlet that argued against woman's suffrage because "90% do not want it, and do not care."

This organization published a pamphlet that argued against women’s suffrage because “90% do not want it, and do not care.”

We are not saying that you can predict a candidate’s positions based on their gender or ethnicity or race, but we are saying that you can predict that if you don’t bother to vote, you are likely to wind up paying the salaries of government representatives actively working against your interests.

Last November, just under 25% of registered voters cast a ballot.

Voting is a feminist act, and an act of resistance by everyone who has ever been marginalized out of the voting process. While refusing to vote is often couched in romantic terms, we guarantee that anyone promoting the idea that refusing to vote is a productive way to protest an imperfect system either directly benefits from people not voting, or does not know what they are talking about.

Here are some resources that can help you prepare to vote tomorrow:

Committee of 70 is a go-to source for non-partisan information about elections.

At CrowdPac, you can review candidates’ platforms and create a sample ballot.

The Patriot-News published a voter’s guide to the 2016 primary election.

The League of Women Voters Pennsylvania is hosting relevant information, and partnered to create another website where you can build and share your personal ballot at Vote411.

Philadelphia readers can also check out PhillyMag’s Guide to the 2016 Philadelphia Primary and the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Voters’ Guide.

The Women’s Law Project is a proud member of Keystone Votes, a coalition devoted to updating Pennsylvania’s elections. Some of the simple changes to the process the coalition advocates for include optional voting via mail, youth voter preregistration, in-person early voting, and same-day voter registration. Sign up to stay informed about Keystone Votes initiatives here.

See you at the polls.

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Text: Tara Murtha

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