Action Alert: PA House to Vote on HB 1948 Today


Today, the Pennsylvania House plans to vote on HB 1948, the double-abortion ban we’ve been telling you about since they fast-tracked it to the House floor last week.

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In addition to criminalizing abortion at 20 weeks and after, the legislation includes a “method ban” provision, which would criminalize one of the most common abortion procedures. The reason dilation & extraction, also known as D&E, is one of the most common methods of abortion is because it is one of the safest.

Such method bans are part of the national movement to intimidate and harass physicians. They are also dangerous to women’s health. Recently, the Physician General of Pennsylvania stated this bill would punish women for having pregnancy complications. Perhaps that’s why House members rushing this ban explicitly refused to hear testimony from medical experts twice.

Click here to send an email telling your Representative to vote NO on HB 1948.

We also urge you to pick up the phone and call your representative. Simply tell them you would like them to vote no on HB 1948.

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