Day 2: 25 Reasons to Give $25 to the Women’s Law Project

Friday, November 20 marks Carol Tracy’s 25th anniversary as Executive Director of the Women’s Law Project. We’re celebrating all week by posting 25 reasons to be grateful for Carol and the Women’s Law Project, and inviting you to celebrate with us by supporting this important work. Contributing to the Women’s Law Project is an investment in a better future for women and girls.

Today’s 5 Reasons to Give $25

  1. Every year the Women’s Law Project engages in an unprecedented review of rape and sexual assault complaints at the Philadelphia Police Department’s Special Victims Unit. With our colleagues from Women Organized Against Rape, Support Center for Child Advocates, and Philadelphia Children’s Alliance, we spend several days reviewing hundreds of SVU files, including all unfounded rape complaints and a random sample of open cases, assessing the thoroughness and outcome of the investigation, raising questions, and providing feedback.
Executive Director Carol Tracy talking to Philadelphia Police Commissioner John Timoney about re-opened rape case files in 2002.

Managing Attorney Terry Fromson and Executive Director Carol Tracy talking to Philadelphia Police Commissioner John Timoney about re-opened rape case files in 2002.

  1. Our 2012 landmark report, Through the Lens of Equality: Eliminating Sex Bias to Improve the Health of Pennsylvania’s Women, directly led to the development of the PA Agenda for Women’s Health, a package of bills designed to improve women’s health and economic security in Pennsylvania. So far, three Agenda bills have passed, and there has been progress on several more.


  1. Women’s Law Project helped co-found the Pennsylvania Campaign for Women’s Health, a group of more than 40 local, state and national organizations advocating for policies that improve women’s health and economic security.


  1. Studies show that without policy intervention, Pennsylvania women will not achieve pay equality until 2072. Senior Attorney Sue Frietsche and Managing Attorney Terry Fromson testified for equal pay legislation in public hearings last year.


  1. We fought to enable girls to attend Central High School in Philadelphia. In pioneering efforts to prevent expansion of single-sex education and eliminate the resulting inequities for female students, the Women’s Law Project partnered with the American Civil Liberties Union in Newberg v. School District of Philadelphia, which was resolved in 1983 by a court order enjoining the exclusion of girls from Philadelphia’s prestigious Central High School as unconstitutional.

Need more reasons to support the Women’s Law Project?

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Please click here to contribute $25, or another amount. Donate in honor of Carol, or a loved one. You can also celebrate with us in person at our party on December 4.

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