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Contact: Mike Morrill, Keystone Progress Education Fund

Tara Murtha, Women’s Law Project

Leah Chamberlain, Philadelphia Women’s Center


Local progressive advocates launch campaign to welcome the Pope’s message of economic justice—and call for real policy solutions


Philadelphia- As you may have heard by now, Pope Francis is coming to Philadelphia this week.

We’ve watched in fascination as the former nightclub bouncer from Buenos Aires now known as Pope Francis—“part rock starpart diplomat and part politician,” according to the New York Times—has shifted the conversation about and within the Roman Catholic Church by preaching compassion, mercy and tolerance.

He even criticized the Church for “putting dogma before love, and for prioritizing moral doctrines over serving the poor and marginalized.” Turns out, listening to and ministering to the poor and advocating for economic justice is a popular message: Not only do 85% of American Catholics approve of Pope Francis, but seven out of ten Americans as a whole.

As advocates for economic justice and reproductive rights, we are welcoming the Pope to Philadelphia by extending the conversations he is starting around issues of poverty and family, and discussing real solutions, under the banner #FrancisLovesMeToo.

We invite you to join us as we explore Pope Francis’ message of mercy and economic justice for struggling families, something we need here in Pennsylvania and especially Philadelphia, a city with the highest rate of deep poverty, where children are routinely ravaged by the effects of poverty and trauma, and women suffer the highest rate of maternal mortality in the country.

We are a community of advocates who fight to see the values espoused by Pope Francis reflected in the state Legislature and our communities. Economic justice and equality are not possible without equal access to reproductive healthcare including contraception and abortion, support for working mothers, and eliminating discrimination.

We will be posting about the status of families in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania all week, and highlighting opportunities for policies to reflect the values being discussed.

Throughout the week, we invite you to contact us for comment from experts on related issues, such as: reproductive justice, workplace discrimination, poverty as a risk factor for sexual violence, equal pay, contraception, abortion, LGBTQ discrimination, working mothers, healthcare access, the cost of mass incarceration, and raising the minimum wage.

Like to stay up-to-date on messages from Pennsylvania advocates working to replace discriminatory “family values” rhetoric in Pennsylvania with policies that actually value families: traditional families, modern families, LGBTQ families, poor families, our families, and yours.




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  1. Miss irene hansen says:

    what about abortion , domestic abuse and rape. What about the victims. I hate the spin but god knows how the politics are being played.

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