Join us tomorrow at the Big Latch On 2015

Today and tomorrow, Women’s Law Project and the Pennsylvania Campaign for Women’s Health will be participating tomorrow in the Big Latch On 2015.

What is the Big Latch On?

The Big Latch On is a worldwide event where groups of women come together at registered events in public places to breastfeed their babies. The goal is to celebrate breastfeeding, raise awareness of breastfeeding support within the community, and advocate for nursing women. Organizers of the Big Latch On imagine a world where every family was supported, nurtured by their community, and where breastfeeding is a normal part of life.


Members of the Pennsylvania Campaign for Women’s Health will be at as many of the Big Latch On events as possible there to support participants, and to talk about a proposed bill currently under consideration in the Pennsylvania legislature.

Sanitary Conditions for Nursing Mothers (HB1100), sponsored by Rep. Mary Jo Daley, would require employers to provide a private, sanitary space and break time for employees who need to express breast milk.

Though medical professionals agree that breastfeeding is best for baby and mom, too many women stop nursing because there are not enough workplace protections for new mothers who need to pump at work. The fact is that right now, nursing mothers in Philadelphia enjoy more workplace protections than women living elsewhere in the state.

Where can you find us?

Big Latch On events will be held across the state of Pennsylvania. You can view a full list of the Pennsylvania locations here.

Representatives of the Pennsylvania Campaign for Women’s Health, a group of organizations and individuals calling for an end to letting ideological politics trump common-sense policy solutions in Pennsylvania, will be at the following Big Latch On events:

Columbus Square Park, South Philadelphia

1200 Wharton Street


Franklin Square Park, Philadelphia

200 Sixth Street


Roche Park, Meadville, PA

Patricia Drive


Bi-County WIC, Williamsport, PA

612 West 4th Street


Liberty Park Ampitheater, Erie, PA

Public Access Walkway

Tara Murtha of Women’s Law Project will be at the Franklin Square event tomorrow, talking about the Pennsylvania Campaign and the current effort to protect nursing mothers who need to pump milk at work. Come by and say hello.

If you attend, share your photos at hashtags #BigLatchOn #BigLatchOnPA and #BigLatchOnPhilly.










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