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Don’t Roll Back the Progress on Legal Protections for Rape and Abortion

WLP Executive Director Carol E. Tracy has penned an op-ed for The Crime Report about legislators’ recent attempts to erase hard-fought legal protections for rape victims and women needing abortion care. An excerpt: Societies that have no respect for the … Continue reading

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ESPN Discusses Title IX for Women’s History Month

To celebrate Women’s History Month, ESPN is discussing Title IX in a three-part video series. The series features female sports writers and coaches talking about the impact of Title IX, the pros and cons that have developed from it, its … Continue reading

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“If You Didn’t See the Ponytails, She Would Have Fit Right In:” Women and Sports

Recently the New York Times reported on the successes of female wrestlers in state competitions.  The article highlighted the recent Vermont State Champion in the 103 weight class, Rachel Hale. Hale defeated male competitors to become Vermont’s first female state … Continue reading

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Major Strides for Marriage Equality

Last week, President Obama determined that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), a law enacted in 1996 that bars federal recognition of same-sex marriages, is unconstitutional. Although Obama opposes same-sex marriage, the president has directed the Justice Department to stop … Continue reading

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