Happy Blogiversary to Us!

Two years ago today, we launched the Women’s Law Project blog with the goal of writing about current events in women’s rights. Since that time, we’ve published 352 posts by staff members and interns, with our most-covered topics including abortion and reproductive rights, LGBT rights, Title IX and women’s sports, employment, and rape and sexual assault.

Some fun facts about our blog:

  • The first post was about a three-part series published by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on women and the military.
  • Our busiest day was September 23, 2009, when we wrote about major college football’s only female referee, Sarah Thomas.
  • Three staff members and at least half a dozen interns have contributed their time and efforts to writing our posts.

Our blogiversary is the perfect time to remind you that you can subscribe to our blog in several ways:

And finally, thanks to everyone who reads the WLP blog and shares our posts with friends. You have helped us make this blog a success, and we’re looking forward to many more blogiversaries in the future!

About womenslawproject

The Women's Law Project creates a more just and equitable society by advancing the rights and status of all women throughout their lives. To this end, we engage in high-impact litigation, advocacy, and education.
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  1. Amanda says:

    Happy Blogiversary! I’m happy to follow you. 🙂

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