2010 NOW Conference Spotlights Body Image

This weekend, the National Organization for Women (NOW) is hosting their annual conference. This year, the theme is “loving our bodies, changing the world.” We decided to look at a variety of viewpoints regarding body image this week, in honor of the upcoming conference.

  1. Shelby Knox talks about her struggles with body image
  2. Starre Vartan responds to Knox by objecting to labeling “rounder” women “real,” due to its “othering” of healthy and in fact, real, petite women
  3. Dove narrowly defines “real beauty” as “flawless skin” and “not too curvy, not too athletic”
  4. Kelsey Wallace describes what it is like to be a model in an ad that uses “real women”
  5. Australia will begin a new initiative to encourage healthy body images
  6. A 2008 study showed that self-identified feminists view women regardless of weight as more attractive than non-feminists. Unfortunately, both feminists and non-feminists tended to view women in the “underweight” BMI category as more attractive than their normal-range counter-parts.
  7. Ms. Magazine blog reflects on the 2010 Academy for Eating Disorders Conference

NOW’s conference will include a summit on health and body image issues as well as “fabulous feminist speakers,” a wedding in celebration of marriage equality, dynamic workshops, and political strategizing. The conference will be held July 2-4 in Boston, Massachusetts.

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