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The Truth Behind “Crisis Pregnancy Centers”

Adoption is often thought of as a good, politically-uncharged alternative for women who are pregnant, but feel that for whatever reason they cannot raise a child, and do not want to have an abortion.  Think again. Kathryn Joyce at The … Continue reading

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Women and Health Care Reform

President Barack Obama’s speech to Congress Wednesday night addressing health care may have been a reminder to some of how the progress of the Obama Administration’s “women-friendly initiatives,” highly visible in the first six months of President Obama’s presidency, has … Continue reading

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Can Two Women Have Similar Jobs Without it Becoming a “Catfight?”

Last week brought the news that Diane Sawyer will replace Charles Gibson on ABC’s World News Tonight, making her the second woman to anchor one of the three major network nightly news shows. This New York Times article examines Ms. … Continue reading

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Plan B Access in Western Pennsylvania

In the summer of 2009, the interns and staff at the western Pennsylvania office of the Women’s Law Project replicated work that was done in 2007 to gauge the availability of emergency contraception (specifically, Plan B) in several counties in … Continue reading

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Marie Claire on Late-Term Abortion

This month, Marie Claire profiled two women who both had wanted pregnancies that went terribly wrong. Each woman was offered the possibility of having a late-term abortion; one did, one didn’t. The piece is a powerful testament to why that … Continue reading

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Remembering Larry Frankel

Advocates for women’s equality lost a champion on August 28, 2009, with the death of Larry Frankel, former state lobbyist for the ACLU of Pennsylvania. For sixteen years, Larry was the voice of civil liberties in Harrisburg. He was one … Continue reading

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