FDA Approves One-Pill Plan B and Lowers Age Requirement for OTC Use

The Food and Drug Administration has approved a one-pill version of Plan B, called Plan B One Step. Additionally, the FDA has approved marketing the drug to women age 17 and older. In a press release, the FDA said that with this action,“both Plan B One-Step and Plan B will be available without a prescription to women 17 years of age and older.”

These new developments come after a year of changes in the accessibility of emergency contraception for young women. We have previously blogged about these changes, including the FDA approval of a generic version of Plan B, requiring pharmacists to dispense the drug despite personal objections, and relieving age constraints to accessing it. We hope that the momentum of these positive changes carries on, and that we will continue to see barriers to women’s access to emergency contraception struck down in months to come.


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