Update: Texas Rape Survivors NOT Charged for Rape Kits

Earlier, we blogged about reports that Texas rape survivors were being charged for rape kits to collect forensic evidence.

Statements from the Texas Attorney General’s Office and the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault have clarified the situation and it is now clear that survivors are not being billed for their rape kits. Apparently confusion arose due to a hospital billing error when a survivor was charged for her rape kit. TAASA makes it clear:

We want to assure everyone that the cost of a forensic exam is not billed to the victim. This is always the responsibility of law enforcement and they in turn can be reimbursed for up to $700 [through] the Crime Victim’s Compensation (CVC) fund. If the cost exceeds this amount it is absorbed by the law enforcement agency or hospital, not the victim.

We apologize for any confusion our blog post may have caused and are relieved to know that rape survivors are not being charged for their kits.


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3 Responses to Update: Texas Rape Survivors NOT Charged for Rape Kits

  1. Tamara Benson says:

    Please listen to this Podcast interview with Dr. Errington Thompson, MD if you believe women are NOT being charged for rape kits in Texas and elsewhere.
    Women ARE being charged for their rape kits in Texas and across the nation.
    I would be happy to provide scans of the bills and letters, and copies of the collections agency correspondence.

    I’m surprised the Women’s Law Project is ignoring this issue,
    that is a shame.

    Tamara Benson

  2. Tamara Benson says:

    Wow! The statement that Texas does NOT charge a victim for a rape kit is a total FICTION. I have the bill to prove this, from December of 2010!!!!

    My daughter underwent a rape kit at Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi, Texas in December of 2010. Driscoll Children’s Hospital billed me $3624.50 for the rape kit. They have now turned me over to a collections agency for that bill.

    I don’t know what to say…this problem is ongoing in Texas and other states like North Caroling, Georgia and others.

    Is there someone related to this article that I can speak with?

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