What Do Women Want?

The New York Times Magazine recently published a story outlining different approaches to understanding the different experiences of women and men in sex. The article emphasizes the recent surge in research in the field of female sexuality, which was at least partly caused by the release of Viagra in the late 1990s. Since then, research has stressed the deterministic role of biology in sex, prompting researchers to focus on the differences between men and women. Throughout the article, various prominent sexologists are interviewed, each outlining their own specific theories and understanding of arousal, sexuality, and desire.

Truly understanding what lies behind female sexuality is not necessarily a question that can be answered in the near future. The research being done by female sexologists, however, is emphasizing the importance of understanding the differences between men and women in sex and coming closer to knowing what women really want.  To read more about the studies being conducted and the expanding field of female sexuality research, read the article here.


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