Bush Enacts Anti-Abortion Regulation

The Bush administration has enacted the Provider Conscience Regulation we blogged about in the past. This policy allows a wide group of medical personnel to refuse providing any medical service to which they object on moral grounds. But even before the Bush administration enacted the regulation, the Obama transition team has started figuring out a way to undo these and other anti-abortion measures that resulted from the Bush presidency. The Wall Street Journal reported that

Decisions that the new administration will weigh include: whether to cut funding for sexual abstinence programs; whether to increase funding for comprehensive sex education programs that include discussion of birth control; whether to allow federal health plans to pay for abortions; and whether to overturn regulations such as one that makes fetuses eligible for health-care coverage under the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

Read the full WSJ story here. The New York Times story about the enacted regulations is available here. We previously blogged about Obama’s pledge to reverse the Global Gag rule here.

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