Record Marriage Gap among Women Voters

Unmarried women of all ages played a key role in the 2008 General Election – they were the largest block of the electorate, representing 26% of registered voters (one of every four voters!).  70% of unmarried women voting on November 4th cast their ballot for Barack Obama, while 29% voted for John McCain.  This is the highest margin ever recorded for a candidate. Also, 11% of all voters were first-time voters, and our next challenge is keeping these new voters continuously engaged in our democracy.


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One Response to Record Marriage Gap among Women Voters

  1. Sue Frietsche says:

    It’s great news that single women are turning out to vote, particularly since, if my memory is correct, it was precisely this demographic group that was missing in action in previous presidential elections in Pennsylvania. Kudos to WomenVote PA and the other voter engagement efforts for reaching single women voters!

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