This blog is a project of the two offices of the Women’s Law Project, located in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. It’s written by WLP staff members and interns.

If you would like to contact the bloggers, please send an email to info [at] womenslawproject [dot] org.

3 responses to “Contact

  1. sauer kraut

    Please read comment #18 at the following link:

    I realize the person who wrote the comment lives in Alaska but I’m hoping you folks can provide her (and her daughter) with some assistance either directly or via a referral to a colleague in the central Alaska area. Thru my blog, she’s going to provide me with her contact info and I’d like to forward that with her permission to WLP. Thanks.

    btw – have you folks checked out a Patriot-News article about issues related to men coaching high school female athletes, particularly as those issues related to touching, angry comments, and the throwing of objects? In today’s PN, possibly posted on the website. Author of article is Amanda Palleschi.

  2. womenslawproject

    Thanks for letting us know, Diane. The link is fixed and you should be able to subscribe now.

  3. Hi…I wanted to subscribe to your blog, but nothing happens when I click on the Subscribe button.

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